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About PST Files:

Microsoft Outlook is a very popular e-mail client that makes it easy for you to manage your emails, calendars, tasks, etc. and when you are using the Microsoft Outlook, all your emails, calendars and other stuff gets stored in a data file, these data files are popularly known as the PST files. These files are called PST files because they have a file extension .pst which is known as when expanded – Personal Storage Table or Personal Folder File. These PST files also behave like other non-system files of your computer, means it can be deleted, it can be moved, it can damage. If you are getting an error while retrieving you Outlook data from the data files (.pst files) where the information is saved then it indicates that either the PST file is deleted, misplaced or damaged. In such cases, if you want to retrieve your data such as emails back again you need to run MS Outlook PST repair for the retrieval of the data and MS Outlook PST Recovery.

Reasons of PST File corruption:

There can be some hardware as well as software reasons that leads to PST file corruption and they are:-

  1. Storage device failure: you know that the files that you store on your computer get stored on a Hard disk drive. If your hard disk starts functioning improperly because of bad sectors or any other reason. You will not be able to retrieve you PST file information and it will also be considered as the PST file corruption.
  2. Failing of Power: Power Failure is also a very big issue. Sometimes when you are accessing the PST file information and Power fails – it is sufficient to damage your PST files.
  3. File System errors: Sometimes, PST files get damaged due to FAT or NTFS disaster. In that case you become unable to retrieve your data from the PST files.
  4. Damaged Network: If a PST file is shared on a network and due to damage in any network hardware, the PST file may be inaccessible.
  5. Virus Attacks or Installation of Malicious Programs
  6. Improper shutdown or termination of Outlook, etc.


If your PST file is damaged and you are unable to retrieve data from it then you need to repair it using the very effective MS Outlook PST Repair tool for a safe MS Outlook PST recovery. The MS Outlook PST repair tool is a very smart and sensible tool that is developed specially for the purpose of recovering the Outlook damaged PST file recovery. The utility is simple to use and works on a very advanced technology that enables it to recover any corrupted PST file in seconds.

User Guide: How to use the software

Step 1 : Launch Outlook 2007 Repair software and select the corrupt PST file to be scanned.

Step 2 : Now, click on 'Start' button to start the scanning process.

Step 3 : View the scanning in progress.

Step 4 : Once Scanning process is completed, Outlook 2007 repair software will recover all the recoverable components.

Step 5 : After viewing the lost folder in the recovered item list. Go for the Licence key and save the recovered PST file.